Leveraging the power of video to improve patron experience

Visitor flow, audience analytics, and gallery performance - simplified.

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What is VisitorX?

VisitorX, which stands for Visitor Experience, is an audience research tool for museums to:

  • Increase loyalty
  • Reduce spending on exhibits that don't capture the public
  • Save time on data collection to spend more time on programming and creation

What can you do with VisitorX?

Museums use VisitorX's unique camera tech to answer key questions and build more engaging experiences for patrons.

Evaluate Engagement
  • How often do people linger or interact with an exhibit?
  • How do design aesthetics, like wall color or lighting, influence patrons?
  • What experiences encourages people to come back?
Analyze Your Audience
  • Who are your patrons - older or younger?
  • Are they couples, groups of friends or individuals?
  • Do they prefer to tour the whole museum, or one gallery?
Build Better Experiences
  • How much traffic does your new gallery receive?
  • Which sections do visitors go through very quickly?
  • How does each room in the gallery perform?

How does it work?

A powerful yet simple system that installs in less than one hour.

Easy Installation

VisitorX's cameras are installed in a one-click installation process by a VisitorX technician. The technician also performs a position routine that calibrates the cameras to your space.

Each camera can cover a sizeable area. The exact number of cameras varies depending on the needs of a particular gallery.

The cameras connect to a wifi network or a base station provided by VisitorX. Compressed video is uploaded to the cloud at night to keep your network lightning fast.


VisitorX is giving us intelligence about our spaces and insight to the guest experience that we have always wanted. With this new software we can use the new data and results to curate a better and more robust visitor experience.

- Jerry Wise CFO

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